OnePlus 8 Pro 12GB Ram 256Gb Rom Review

oneplus has been slowly spilling the beans about their new flagship smartphone the oneplus 8 pro now the company is taking a different approach these phones are meant to replace the oneplus 7pro and the 8 pro respectively so here i am to give you guyz a complete information on some of the differences between the oneplus 7 Series and oneplus 8 Series some of the features they’ve added or removed and finally discuss pricing on these new phones because this is not a oneplus we used to know that it’s really not the Razer Death Adder v 2 the gaming icon that just got upgraded with a lighter body next-gen sensor and optical switches for maximum reliability and speed the classic economic shaped handles like no other.

Guyz one thing kept in mind oneplus 7 pro and oneplus 8 pro comes with 12 GegaBytes of ram and 128 gegabytes of internal storage or 256 gegabytes of storage. And also both comes with 865 SOC Snapdragon. The oneplus 8pro smartphone got a Qualcomm Chipset of SM8250 865 Snapdragon and this is the most powerful chipset and 2.84 Octa-core processor also give more power to this OnePlus 8 Pro 12GB whos make this device ultra fast. And also there is a Adreno 650 GPU of under the hood of this oneplus 8 pro smartphone.

So I’m gonna start with the a oneplus pro has found a few issues that users found in the previous model oneplus 7 pro, So on the display edges are less aggressive but not flat completely like the oneplus 7pro the body is taller slightly and compared slimmer to the 7 pro howeverthe camera bump is slightly bigger and noticeabe protruded so I’m not a big fan of that the corners are less rounded which I like and the back looks absolutely beautiful guys I have the ultramarine blue model and it is also composed of Gorilla Glass just like the 7 pro they have added a texture matte soft smooth giving it a really cool and anti-reflective look you can pick up now.

The 8 pro have a 2 other color options you can chose one of them is glacial green and the other one is onyx black. warm up here features of oneplus devices and you might notice something different in the Front camera if you use the oneplus 7 then you absolutly know in the oneplus 7 pro have a pop-up camera. And finally in resulting a nationalist design but they took a back step this time and when they punch a hole for camera they cutout on the top left side of the display.

The oneplus 8 on your hand is a slightly smaller version of P8 pearl the design is basically the same with the exception of the display as the curve extend does not all the way to the edges like the previos version oneplus 7 pro and I like that the back is a welcoming change over the oneplus 7 pro so you can say goodbye to that huge circular camera bump and greet your selves with a subtitle low profile look just like the a pro in fact the oneplus 8 pro looks very similar to the 7 Pro.

But I’m not a fan of this color this is the interstellar glow model that’s super reflective and a magnet fingerprint but you can Chose it up in different colors just like the moving on to the display 8 pro I Sure this is coming it’s a 120 Hertz quad HD plus AMOLED screen spanning across six point seven eight inches versus six point six seven inches 90 Hertz with that same resolution on the oneplus 7 pro but at this time much more difference in oneplus 7 pro and oneplus 8 pro. But it is not that significant and it shouldn’t be your first reason to upgrade from the 7 Pro.

I should also mention that it doesn’t stay at 120 Hertz constantly in fact when your phone is idle or when you’re viewing anything static the phone dynamically down shifts to sixty Hertz and oneplus 8pro did that to preserve battery life they’re also taking a step forward in providing a good quality display without sacrificing on color accurracy as they do come factory calibrated which is nice now unfortunately my review samples started showing a weird green cast on banding issues as well now I did end up confirming with some of my colleagues who are testing the exact same phone they did not experienced.

Oneplus 8 pro is curved because watching content on the 7 pro is really not that great with that aggressive curve versus the 8 pro which seems to be a little bit better the oneplus 8 on the other hand features a 1080p plus display just like the oneplus 7 pro with the same refresh rate at 90 Hertz which is really disappointing because it doesn’t look like they’ve upgraded anything here I would have rather preferred 1080p at 120 Hertz. that would have made a lot more sense compared to the oneplus 7pro because there’s really nothing new here I mean its 100% sure the display on the oneplus 8 pro is a little bit brighter to the oneplus 7pro if compared both.

OnePlus 8 rpo comes with dual stereo speakers and they sound great I didn’t notice a huge difference between the 8 Series and SM series and they still feature in display fingerprint sensors

OnePlus Comoany also focus on there phones battery performance Camera. And in this Phone they gave a quad camera setup. The main sensor 48 megapixels wide will be, the 8 megapixels along telephoto camera of the phone will be with the 48 megapixels 5 megapixels depth ultrawide, . The OnePlus 8 Pro’s selfie shooter is the 16 megapixels wide, to make taking selfies more attractive and easy. The handset is having an optical fingerprint reader under display to secure your data in the smartphone and only allow the authorized person. And also there is an IP 68 dust / water resistance up to 1.5m for 30 mins. The oneplus 8 pro will be fueled with Li-OP 4510 mAh battery Non-removable that will support 30 W of Fast charging.

oneplus 8 pro available these colors

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